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green - pay ! yellow - test ! red - scammers !

From $ 0.01 per click. The minimum withdrawal is $ 2.
Last payout
Бегущая строка текста в HTML ____(2021/05/25 $3.96)_____
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5-level referral system - invite your friends and get much more! Here I can easily recruit referrals to other projects!
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (19.04.2021.---54.00 руб.)_____(07.03.2021.---34.00 руб.)_____(12.02.2021.---20.73 руб.)_____(08.01.2021.---15.00 руб.)_____(06.12.2020.---5.00 руб.)_____
From $ 0.01 per click. The minimum withdrawal is $ 1.
We have paid $102 191 since June 2012.
Бегущая строка текста в HTML ($0.92 Payeer 2021-03-21)_____
Surfing from 0.018 rub. Reading advertising letters from 0.04 rubles. Youtube views from 0.027 rubles. up to 0.40 rubles. Withdrawal from 0.20 rub.
PROMOTIONS! Bring a referral and get 5 rubles automatically! I give refback 50% - to EVERYONE. Contests - Prizes - Bonuses!
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (19.04.2021.---87.70)_____(07.03.2021.---76.77)_____(05.12.2020.---46.63 rub.)_____(30.10.2020---51.36 rub.)_____
Payment for surfing up to 0.10 rubles. Payment for watching a video up to 1.00 rubles. Mining from 30% to 45%. The minimum wage for the payment of 1 RUB - instantly.
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (16.00 rub. 19.04.2021)_____(11.72 rub. 31.03.2021)_____(8.59 rub. 24.03.2021)_____(8.24 rub. 22.03.2021)_____(2.69 rub. 13.12.2020)_____
From $ 0.001 per click. The minimum withdrawal is $ 0.05
Бегущая строка текста в HTML _____(12 июля 2021 Paypal 0,10 долл. США)_____(25 июня 2021 Paypal 0,05 доллара США)_____
Investment game. The minimum withdrawal is $ 0.02.
Бегущая строка текста в HTML ($0.02 2021-06-02 )_____
Buy a store! Collect revenue! Get income! Added surfing section! project Successful merchant. When registering, a bonus of 10 rubles will be available to you.
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (15/05/2021.---10.55 rub)_____(26/05/2020.---6.50 rub)_____
Money for listening to music! From $ 0.0003 to $ 8.57 per track. Withdrawal from $ 0.10 within 48 hours!
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (1.50 USD---2021.02.14.)_____(3.45 USD---2020.12.30)_____(2.95 USD---2020.12.08)_____(7.93 RUB---2020.10.27)_____
Money for listening to music! From 0.01 rub. to 154.29 rub. per track. Withdrawal from 2 rub. !
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (6.02.2021---3.50 rub.)_____(26.05.2020---8.53 rub.)_____(9.04.2020---14.50 rub.)_____(5.03.2020---2.00 rub.)_____(29.10.2019---4.00 rub.)_____(3.10.2019---10.00 rub.)_____

yellow - test !

The most expensive clicks of the Russian Internet at $ 0.01. And there are many of them!
Withdrawal from 1 $
Do you have free internet? Sell it dearly for three dollars!

Online Since 2005. Daily new Paid EMails to Earn More cash Daily!
1.1 Cent Clicks - 1 Cent Letters
From $ 0.01 per click. The minimum withdrawal is $ 5.
At the moment I have 180 rented referrals from them, I get about $ 2 per day! Until I withdraw my money, I want to move to a higher level!
From $ 0.01 per click. The minimum withdrawal is $ 5.
We pay you instantly to your payment processor account.

red - scammers !

I invited 70 referrals. Payments are not coming! Admin does not get in touch!
I invited 40 referrals. I requested a payment of 3 $ - we are waiting from 12 Feb 2021
I tried to display 20 times and always an error
I invested 10 rubles in 2 days they disappeared

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Here are collected games that pay high percentages from 15% to 100% per month
Surfing 0.06 rub. per click. Income from ships from 10% to 45%. Fast payments and receiving system. I give 75% refback end of season 2 - waiting for 3 or a new game from the admin
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (05.12.2020-341.75 rub.)__(30.10.2020-221 rub.)__(27.09.2020-150.00 rub.)
Buy mines of various levels that will extract crystals. Crystals will accumulate in the warehouse, collect them. Sell crystals and get gold for them. Exchange gold for real money, or buy more mines so that they - brought you even more profit! Also one very important point - money withdrawal is available without the need to invite referrals! In this project, unlike the previous one, there are no points (ore)!
WE ARE WORKING 5 YEARS 9 M. AND 22 DAYS REGISTERED 2828935 [+511] Get 10,000 coins upon registration
Бегущая строка текста в HTML (07.7.2019-1.04 руб.)_(11.05.2020-30.90 руб.)

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